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To configure the EasyDeploy function, determine roles of devices first. After a device is configured as the Commander, you can view client information, configure and upgrade clients, and view power consumption of the device and the entire network on the Commander.

The network area is available only in the stand-alone mode.

The device that cannot work as the Commander can only be configured as the client, and the Summary, Deployment, Batch Configuration, and Power Consumption menus are not available.

If the topology function is not enabled on the Commander, the Summary, Deployment, and Batch Configuration menus are not available.

For the support on EasyOperation, see Licensing Requirements and Limitations for EasyDeploy in "EasyDeploy Configuration" in the S2720, S5700, and S6700 V200R019C10 Configuration Guide - Basic Configuration.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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