Reading Carefully the Safety Precautions

Before you start the installation procedure, read all safety precautions described in this document and observe any warning labels affixed to the device. Doing so ensures your safety and protects the device from damage.

Safety precautions provided in this document may not cover every eventuality, so remain mindful of safety at all times.

Huawei is not liable for any consequence that results from violation of regulations pertaining to safe operations or safety codes pertaining to design, production, and equipment use.

Only trained and qualified personnel are allowed to install, operate, or maintain the device. Familiarize yourself with all safety precautions before performing any operation on the device.

General Safety

  • Always take precautions against ESD whenever you handle a device. For example, wear ESD gloves or an ESD wrist strap. To avoid electric shock or burn, remove conductive objects like jewelry and watch.
  • Connect the ground cable first after installing the device into a cabinet or rack. Do not remove the ground cable unless all the other cables and modules have been removed from the device.
  • During device transport and installation, prevent the device from colliding with objects like doors, walls, or shelves.
  • Move an unpacked device upright gently to avoid damages to the device. Do not lay down the unpacked device and drag it.
  • Do not touch unpainted surfaces of the device with wet or contaminated gloves.
  • Do not open the ESD bags of cards and modules until they are delivered to the equipment room. When taking a card out of the ESD bag, do not use the connector to support the card's weight because this operation will distort the connector and make the pins on the backplane connector bend.

Environmental Safety

Do not place or operate the device in an environment with flammable or explosive gases or smoke.

  • Keep the device away from sources of water to prevent damages to circuits.
  • The installation site must be well ventilated to prevent the device from overheating.

Electrical Safety

  • Direct contact with a high-voltage power source or indirect contact through damp objects can be fatal. Misoperations on high-voltage facilities may result in fire, electric shock, or other accidents.
  • Never install or remove the device or power cables when the power is on. The electric arc or spark generated between a power cable and conductor may cause fire or eye damage.
  • To protect personal and equipment safety, ground the device before powering it on.

Laser Safety

  • Laser beams will cause eye damage. Do not look into bores of optical modules or optical fibers without eye protection.
  • Cover fiber connectors with dust caps when they are not connected.

Mechanical Safety

  • Wear protective gloves when you are moving the device.
  • Use safe lifting practices when moving the equipment. Never attempt to lift objects that are too heavy for one person to handle. Instead, seek help or use appropriate tools.
  • Before installing the chassis into or removing it from a cabinet, ensure there are no objects that could fall from the cabinet and cause injury.
  • If power modules and fan modules have been installed on the chassis, you are advised to remove them before moving the chassis to prevent them from falling off and causing injury.
  • Do not drill unapproved holes into a cabinet, as doing so may impair its electromagnetic shielding and damage cables inside. In addition, drilling holes produces metal shavings that may enter the cabinet and cause short circuits on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
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