Grounding Specifications for Devices

Table 1 lists the equipment grounding specifications.

Table 1 Equipment Grounding Specifications




All communication devices and auxiliary devices (such as mobile base stations, transmission and switching devices, power supply devices) in the equipment room should be grounded for protection. Connect all protective ground for various devices jointly to a general ground bar, and then to the same protective ground bar in the room together with the protective ground (PGND) of the device.


The PGND of the equipment is shorted to the copper ground bar provided by the customer. The short-circuiting cable used should be a yellow-green plastic insulated cable with a copper core and a cross-sectional area greater than 25 sq. mm (0.039 sq. in.).


There are grounding terminals and grounding lugs at the lower part of the front door, rear door and side panel of the cabinet, connected to the grounding terminals of the cabinet framework through connection cables with cross-sectional area of no less than 1.6 sq. mm (0.002 sq. in.).


Ensure that all metal components of the cabinet conduct well. No insulating coating should be sprayed on the connection part of the metal components.


Connect the cabinets in the same row by fastening captive screws and gaskets on the top of the cabinets. Do not spray any coating into a rectangular area measuring 30 mm x 50 mm (1.18 in. x 1.97 in.) around the connection hole for a captive bolt. Measures to prevent rust and corrosion must be taken for this area. Zinc electroplating with iridescent yellow chromate conversion coating should be applied to the gasket and nut to ensure good electrical contact.


When combining cabinets of the same type, short-circuiting cables are required to connect the ground busbars (if any) of the cabinets. The cross-sectional area of the short-circuiting cable is 6 sq. mm (0.009 sq. in.) and is no more than 300 mm (11.8 in.) long. Connect the two ends of the short-circuiting cable to the ground busbar terminals of neighboring cabinets and fix them firmly.

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