Configuring the Time Synchronization Function

This section describes how to configure the time synchronization function.

Usage Scenario

On the IP RAN shown in Figure 1, time synchronization needs to be performed between NodeBs. The Atom GPS timing solution can be deployed as follows to allow time synchronization: Insert an Atom GPS module into an ASG so that the Atom GPS module can synchronize clock signals with the GPS and the ASG can synchronize clock signals with the Atom GPS module. Then, configure the time synchronization function to allow transmission of clock signals to other devices on the bearer network. In this manner, network-wide clock synchronization is achieved.

Figure 1 Networking of Atom GPS timing

Pre-configuration Tasks

Before configuring the time synchronization function, complete the following tasks:

  • Configure physical parameters of an interface and set the physical status of the interface to Up.

  • Configure the Atom GPS module to properly process GPS time signals.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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