RAA (Re-Auth-Answer)

Message Function

The Re-Auth-Answer (RAA) command, indicated by the Command-Code field set to 258 and the R bit cleared in the Command Flags field, is sent by the PCEF to the PCRF in response to the RAR command.

Message Format

<RA-Answer> ::=  < Diameter Header: 258, PXY >
                    < Session-Id >
                    { Origin-Host }
                    { Origin-Realm }
                    [ Result-Code ]
                    [ Experimental-Result ] [ Note 1 ]
                         { Vendor-Id }
                         { Experimental-Result-Code }
                   *[ Charging-Rule-Report] [ Note 2 ]
                         *[ Charging-Rule-Name ]
                         [ PCC-Rule-Status ]
                         [ Rule-Failure-Code ]

Note Index

Note Description


The Experimental-Result AVP includes the error codes for request processing allocated by vendors. It is specified by the protocol stack. When a PCC rule cannot be deployed or activated, the Experimental-Result AVP is set to DIAMETER_PCC_RULE_EVENT(5142). If an RAA message does not include the result code, the PCRF considers the result to be success.


The Charging-Rule-Report AVP indicates the execution result of a PCC rule and consists of several AVPs.

Reference Standards

3GPP TS 29.212 V9.7.0 clause 5.6.5

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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