Conditions That Cause ZTP to Exit or Fail

Table 1 lists the conditions that cause a device to exit the ZTP process or cause the ZTP function to become invalid.

Table 1 List of conditions that cause ZTP to exit or fail



The device starts with non-base configuration, or the name of the configuration file for the startup is not

ZTP becomes invalid.

The set ztp disable command is run.

The ZTP function is disabled. To use the ZTP function again, run the set ztp enable command.

Any of the following configurations is performed on the device:

  • An IP address is configured for any interface, excluding the following configurations: is configured for the management network port, an IP address is configured for a loopback interface, and an IP address is configured for a DCN-related sub-interface.
  • The undo pnp enable command is configured globally.
  • A VLAN is configured globally.
  • A BD is configured globally.
  • A VSI is configured globally.
  • The device is configured as an AP.
  • The DHCP client function is configured on an interface.

The ZTP process ends.

Login to the device through DCN succeeds.

The ZTP process ends.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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