Comparison Between Traffic Policing and Traffic Shaping


Traffic policing and traffic shaping share the following features:

  • Both are used to limit network traffic rate.
  • Both use token buckets to measure the traffic rate.
  • Both apply to DS boundary nodes.


The following table lists the differences between traffic policing and traffic shaping.
Traffic policing Traffic Shaping
Drops excess traffic over the specifications or re-marks such traffic with a lower priority. Buffers excess traffic over the specifications.
Consumes no additional memory resources and brings no delay or jitter. Consumes memory resources for excess traffic buffer and brings delay and jitter.
Packet loss may result in packet retransmission. Packet loss rarely occurs, so does packet retransmission.
Traffic re-marking supported. Traffic re-marking unsupported.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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