Overview of L2TP QoS


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Quality of Service (L2TP QoS) provides QoS solutions, such as traffic rate limiting, traffic scheduling, and flow queue mapping on a network where L2TP is configured.


In the L2TP service wholesale scenario, an L2TP Access Concentrator (LAC) is responsible for service wholesale, whereas an L2TP Network Server (LNS) is the service control point. There is an L2TP tunnel between the LAC and the LNS. Traffic being transmitted over the L2TP tunnel needs to be controlled in a refined manner on the LNS. This is to minimize the impact on service quality caused by out-of-order resource competition between the LAC and the LNS. In addition, an ISP can control the traffic that enters different service tunnels on the ISP network. This prevents burst traffic of different users.

L2TP HQoS provides QoS scheduling on the traffic of LNS-connected users to control traffic in the L2TP tunnel in a refined manner.

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