Option ID


Function As


Option Description

Reconfigure Message option. A BRAS carries this option in a Reconfigure message, instructing a client to reply with a Renew/Information-Request/Rebind message upon receipt of the Reconfigure message. Currently, the value of msg-type in this option can only be 6, indicating the Rebind message.

Option Format

Carried in Packets to Be Sent to the RADIUS Server

Supported. This option can be carried in the HW-Dhcpv6-Option field of an Access-Request packet.

Delivered in Packets from the RADIUS Server

Not supported

RADIUS Attributes Carrying Options

HW-Dhcpv6-Option (189)

Related Configuration Commands

System view: access dhcpv6-reconfigure

RADIUS server group view: radius-attribute include hw-dhcpv6-option

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