Configuring Y.1731 Functions in EVPN Networking

This section describes how to configure Y.1731 functions including one-way frame delay measurement, two-way frame delay measurement, Single-ended SLM in EVPN networking.

Networking Requirements

Ethernet virtual private network (EVPN) is used for Layer 2 internetworking. EVPN is similar to BGP/MPLS IP VPN. Using extended BGP reachability information, EVPN implements MAC address learning and advertisement between Layer 2 networks at different sites on the control plane instead of on the data plane. To take accurate statistics about frame loss on one end of an AC in EVPN networking, the performance monitoring functions defined by Y.1731 can be used to monitor links.

Figure 1 Networking diagram for configuring Y.1731 function on a EVPN networking

Pre-configuration Tasks

Before configuring Y.1731 functions in EVPN networking, complete the tasks listed as following.

  • Completing EVPN-related configurations on PEs
  • Completing VLAN-related configurations on CEs
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