Summary of Eth-Trunk Configuration Tasks

This section describes Ethernet interface features supported by the NetEngine 8000 F. Familiarizing yourself with these features helps you complete the configuration tasks quickly and accurately.

Eth-Trunk is a technique that bundles Ethernet interfaces into a logical interface (called an Eth-Trunk interface) to increase bandwidth, load-balance traffic, and improve network reliability.

The NetEngine 8000 F supports three working modes for Eth-Trunk interfaces: static LACP mode, manual 1:1 master/backup mode and manual load balancing mode. The procedure for configuring an Eth-Trunk interface is as follows:
  1. Create an Eth-Trunk interface and specify the working mode of the Eth-Trunk interface.
  2. Add member interfaces to the Eth-Trunk interface for the Eth-Trunk interface to take effect.
  3. Adjust parameters for the Eth-Trunk interface and its member interfaces to improve interface reliability.
  4. (Optional) Configure the Eth-Trunk interface to support other features to improve network reliability. For example, configure Eth-Trunk sub-interfaces for inter-VLAN communication.

Eth-Trunk interfaces support the E-Trunk features to meet special requirements.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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