Logging in to the Server Using the NMS

After the preceding configuration is complete, you can log in to the server from the client using the NMS. This allows you to remotely configure the device.


The NMS can manage devices only when the NMS has connected to corresponding NEs and can communicate with them.

Before deploying NEs, properly divide sub-networks. The physical topology must be easy for routine maintenance in addition for showing the actual network structure.

If the Huawei NMS is used, creating NEs will consume specific upgrade licenses or NE resource licenses. If there are no remaining NE resources or specific upgrade licenses, the system displays a message indicating that an NE fails to be created. If this occurs, apply for NE resources or specific upgrade licenses.

For installation and maintenance of the NMS, see the relevant installation instruction and usage guidelines.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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