Overview of PADS


The protocol-aided diagnosis system (PADS) is an intelligent diagnosis system. It simulates service experts to be online for 7 x 24 hours and to implement automatic service fault prevention, discovery, and diagnosis from end to end. The PADS also supports automatic fault recovery with the help of the self-healing system.


The PADS derives from technical research on future customer O&M. It summarizes common fault modes from thousands of faults reported by customers, and simulates experts in all fields to monitor the IP protocol status for 7 x 24 hours. The actual customer O&M capability cannot meet the requirement of complex IP protocol O&M capability. The PADS provides a unified O&M interface, hierarchical fault diagnosis, and capabilities to diagnose and process common faults at IP protocol's system, device, and network levels. It can record and analyze exception signs before a fault occurs, automatically start fault diagnosis, and automatically isolate and recover a fault. This helps the intelligent O&M of devices on the live network.


The PADS simplifies O&M, improves O&M efficiency, and reduces O&M costs.

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