Example for Configuring Performance Management Functions

This section provides an example for configuring PM functions to record and monitor system performance statistics. The PM functions include creating a performance statistics task, binding an instance to the performance statistics task, and configuring PM servers.

Networking Requirements

On the network shown in Figure 1, to monitor the operating status of interfaces and collect performance statistics, configure the PM function. This configuration enables a device to periodically collect performance statistics, save the performance statistics to files, and send the files to a PM server.

Figure 1 PM application

Interface 1 in this example represents GE 0/1/1.

Configuration Roadmap

The configuration roadmap is as follows:

  1. Enable the performance statistics function.

  2. Configure a performance statistics task.

  3. Configure the PM server to obtain performance statistics files.

Data Preparation

To complete the configuration, you need the following data:

  • Basic performance statistics function parameters:

    • Performance statistics task name
    • Performance statistics collection interval
    • Performance statistics instance type
    • Performance statistics instance name
    • Performance statistics counter name
    • Number of performance statistics intervals
  • PM server parameters:

    • Name of the process serving the PM server
    • PM server IP address
    • Number of the PM server listening port
    • User name and password for logging in to the PM server
    • Destination path where performance statistics files are saved on the PM server
    • Number of performance statistics file retransmissions
    • Name of the request for uploading performance statistics files to the PM server


  1. Enable the performance statistics function.

    <HUAWEI> system-view
    [~HUAWEI] sysname Device A
    [*HUAWEI] commit
    [~Device A] pm
    [~Device A-pm] statistics enable
    [*Device A-pm] commit

  2. Configure basic performance statistics functions.

    [~Device A-pm] statistics-task huawei
    [*Device A-pm-statistics-huawei] statistics-cycle 5
    [*Device A-pm-statistics-huawei] binding instance-type interface instance gigabitethernet0/1/1
    [*Device A-pm-statistics-huawei] measure disable instance-type interface measure in-all-pkts
    [*Device A-pm-statistics-huawei] record-interval 3
    [*Device A-pm-statistics-huawei] commit

  3. Configure the PM server to obtain performance statistics files.

    [~Device A-pm] pm-server abc
    [*Device A-pm-server-abc] protocol sftp ip-address port 22
    [*Device A-pm-server-abc] username a password a
    [*Device A-pm-server-abc] path /pmserver
    [*Device A-pm-server-abc] retry 2
    [*Device A-pm-server-abc] quit
    [*Device A-pm] upload-config req1 server abc
    [*Device A-pm] commit
    [~Device A-pm] upload req1 file a120130525150004.txt
    [*Device A-pm] commit

  4. Verify the configuration.

    After configuring PM functions, run the display pm statistics-task [ task-name ] command to check the PM configurations. The following example uses the command output for a performance statistics task named huawei. The command output shows the performance statistics task name, performance statistics collection interval, and performance statistics instance type. In addition, the performance statistics file a120130525150004.txt has been uploaded to the /pmserver path of the PM server.

    <Device A> display pm statistics-task huawei
    Task Name                : huawei
    Task State               : running
    Record-file Status       : enable
    Task Cycle               : 5 minutes
    Sample Interval          : 1 minutes
    Instance Type            : interface
    Record Interval(cycle)   : 3
    File Format              : text
    File Name Prefix         : huawei
    File Transfer Mode       : passive
    Current File Name        : a120130525150004.txt

Configuration Files

sysname Device A
 statistics enable
 pm-server abc
  protocol sftp ip-address 
  username a password %#%#H2uA')+.Y#eq-BZ~MEKG7r1_@L:n0*]&i@Z\/z7#%#%#
  retry 2
  path /pmserver
 upload-config req1 server abc
 statistics-task huawei
  statistics-cycle 5
  record-interval 3  
  binding instance-type interface instance GigabitEthernet0/1/1
   measure disable instance-type interface measure in-all-pkts

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