The <get> operation retrieves configuration and state data only from the <running/> configuration database.

If the <get> operation is successful, the server sends an <rpc-reply> element containing a <data> element with the results of the query. Otherwise, the server returns an <rpc-reply> element containing an <rpc-error> element.

The differences between <get> and <get-config> operations are as follows:
  • The <get-config> operation can retrieve data from the <running/>, <candidate/>, and <startup/> configuration databases, whereas the <get> operation can only retrieve data from the <running/> configuration database.
  • The <get-config> operation can only retrieve configuration data, whereas the <get> operation can retrieve both configuration and state data.

Query interface configuration of the IFM feature in the <running/> configuration database and return the interface information in an RPC reply message:

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