Understanding Performance Management

The performance management feature is implemented using the statistics collection function.

The performance management feature allows you to configure the statistics period, statistics instances, performance indicators, and interval at which statistics files are generated for a performance statistics task. The statistics period. The interval at which statistics files are generated. After a performance statistics task is run, the device collects performance indicator values within the specified statistics period and calculates statistical values at the end of each statistics period. The device saves performance statistics as files at specified intervals.

After a performance statistics task is configured, the performance management module starts to periodically collect performance statistics specified in the task.

The statistics include interface-based or service-based traffic statistics. The statistics items are as follows:

The statistics can be the peak, valley, or average values collected during a statistics period, or the snapshot values collected at the end of a statistics period. The maximum, minimum, average, and current values of the ambient temperature are examples of such statistics.

The statistics collection function supports many types of statistics tasks. A statistics task can be bound to a statistics period and multiple statistics instances.

You can query current and historical performance statistics or clear current performance statistics using either commands or a network management system (NMS).

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