Using EVPN to Interconnect Other Networks

On the network shown in Figure 1, to interconnect different sites through a public network, deploy EVPN by performing the following configurations:
  • Configure a PE on the backbone network as an EVPN RR and the other PEs as RR clients. Establish BGP EVPN peer relationships between the RR and clients, but not between the clients. To improve reliability, you can configure two EVPN RRs, one as the master and the other as the backup.

  • Create EVPN instances on PEs. Configure the same RT values for the PEs to allow EVPN route cross.

  • Configure PE redundancy. If all PEs connecting to the same CE are configured to work in All-Active mode, these PEs load-balance traffic destined for the CE.

Figure 1 EVPN application networking

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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