Overview of TWAMP Light


Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Light is a light version of TWAMP, which is defined in a standard protocol. TWAMP Light measures the round-trip performance of an IP network by using simplified control protocol to establish test sessions.


On conventional IP radio access networks (IP RANs), carriers desperately need a universal tool that rapidly provides statistics about the IP network performance for operation, administration and maintenance (OAM). Currently, proprietary measurement tools are generally used, such as Network Quality Analysis (NQA) and IP Flow Performance Measurement (IP FPM). However, NQA does not allow for intercommunication between a Huawei device and a non-Huawei device and requires complex deployment , and IP FPM has high requirements on network devices and applies only to a few scenarios. To resolve this problem, the Internet Engineering Task Force IP Performance Monitor (IETF IPPM) group defines a set of protocols, including TWAMP.

TWAMP, in its standard or light version, measures the round-trip performance of an IP network.

As described in Table 1, TWAMP Light is simpler and easier than TWAMP.

Table 1 Comparison between TWAMP and TWAMP Light




Support for logical entities

Supports only the Responder (including the Server and Session-Reflector), but not the Controller (including the Control-Client and Session-sender).

Supports the Controller (including the Control-Client and Session-Sender) and Responder (including the Session-Reflector).

Support for measurement modes

Continuous measurement and periodically continuous measurement


Currently, the device can function only as the Responder and does not provide the statistics collection function.

On-demand measurement, continuous measurement, and periodically continuous measurement

Capability of sending packets



Using a tester

Testers may function as the Control-Client and Session-Sender, which proactively starts a test session and collect and maintain test statistics.

No tester is needed.

As the light version of TWAMP, TWAMP Light moves the control plane from the Responder to the Controller so that TWAMP control modules can be simply deployed on the Controller. Therefore, TWAMP Light greatly relaxes its requirements on the Responder performance, allowing the Responder to be rapidly deployed.

IPv6 Supported?

Not supported



Easy to deploy and use.

Easy to deploy and use.


TWAMP Light is an IP link detection technology and can be easily used to help users monitor the network quality (delay, jitter, and packet loss rate).

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