Python Script Compilation

Currently, the system integrates the Python running environment, enabling it to run Python scripts. When compiling a Python script, you need to define the method of sending HTTP requests to the system based on OPS APIs. By sending HTTP requests to the system, Python scripts can be used to manage the system.

In addition, the OPS provides Python APIs that expose special functions of the device's embedded running environment to users. For example, Syslogs can be recorded on the device and uploaded to a Syslog server through these APIs.

  • The OPS requires you to be familiar with Python and know how to correctly compile Python scripts.
  • The Python APIs provided by the embedded running environment are unavailable outside the device.
  • When a script assistant is used to execute a Python script, the ops_condition() and ops_execute() functions must be defined in the script to set trigger conditions and tasks.
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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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