License Mechanism

Based on the license loading and running status, the license module has several states, as listed in Table 1.

Table 1 States of the license module

License Status



Device state when no license is authorized. This state applies when no license file is activated after device shipment, or when the license file is not reactivated after the grace period expires.


State when a commercial license is running normally after being activated.


State in which a device runs with a large number of existing dynamic resource items, which can be considered as temporarily lifting the license control restriction. The emergency mode can be enabled a maximum of three times for each version, and for a maximum of seven days each time.


State when a trial license runs properly after being activated. The Demo state exists only when a trial license has been approved and activated.


State when the license module is allowed to run based on the authorization policy in the Normal or Demo state. After the state changes from Normal or Demo to Trial, the Trial state lasts a grace period of 60 days. If the license module enters the Trial state from Demo state and the license revoke command is run before the grace period expires, the license automatically enters another 60-day grace period.

Figure 1 shows license state transition.

Figure 1 License state machine

Table 2 describes all the events that trigger license state transitions.

Table 2 License state machine description


Trigger Event


A license file fails to be activated, and the license module is not allowed to enter the grace period due to the cause of the activation failure.


A commercial license file is successfully activated.


A non-commercial license file is successfully activated.


A trial license is activated, or license file activation fails and the license module is allowed to enter the grace period (for example, ESNs or versions do not match for the first time).


A commercial license becomes invalid, for example, when it is revoked for replacement.


The grace period expires.


A non-commercial license expires automatically or is manually revoked.


The emergency mode is manually enabled.


The emergency mode expires after running for seven days.

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